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life. i have been david and i have raised two children here. i have been a u.s. attorney for this area, and starting last month one of the hoosier state voices in the us house of representatives. i am proud to live in a state that spends less than it takes in, has a aaa credit rating and a budget surplus that will be partially repay to taxpayers areas the secret to our state success has been a value system that promotes a strong sense of responsibility and accountability. as family members, taxpayers, and community volunteers. for too long, the democratic majority in washington has failed to see the value in the sound model of working hard and living within your means. on their watch, we have been operating without a national budget. piling up debts that now exceed $60 trillion, and unemployment levels that remain stubbornly high. we are again at risk at having our credit rating downgraded. the spite these challenges, americans concerned about our nation spending problem may now have cause for optimism. i recent be voted along with my colleagues in the house for a simple but powerful c
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1